A desire of mine is to curate and share all of the timeless scenes from movies that I've enjoyed over the years. Many come to mind; Jurassic Park is full of them. 

One such I'll share on my birthday (there will be many to come) that is apropos. It's a quote from the President of the Galaxy himself, Zaphod Beeblebrox. After a long quest to find the answer to the meaning of life, his inquiry to the great computer returns a simple sum: 42. Distressed, he turns and pronounces his next move: 

"Great. I'm gonna go and find something else for my entire life to be about."

That's how I feel today on my birthday.

What to do? I had a session yesterday with my therapist / coach. Her one idea offered to leave the session was for me to ponder what peace looks like for me, right now. I told her that days ago I confessed to my sister that, "I just want peace." I meant that I'd really like for the rush and busy (meaningless) activities to calm down and rest. There's nothing to cause abrasions to the soul like the pointless things we take on and let ourselves get lost in that have zero return in our lives. I feel lately as if I've become consumed by them, and there's no one to blame but myself. 

Not that it's a matter of blame; but I hold myself accountable for so easily being lured into the trivialities of life. It's not the fault of others, the internet, social media, or any other outside party. It's my choice. 

And so that's the whole point. For what remains of my life, the outcome is largely about my choices. Yes, the rest of the world gets a vote, but it's mainly how I think, and what I do — and being responsible for my own feelings about all of it.

The main thing, as I see it, is to look forward — and not in the rear view mirror.


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