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What is a trauma kit, and why would I need it? I mean, we do live in the most advanced society in history, right? We have 911, right? Hmm... Here are some things you may want to consider in your daily life. Especially if you're urban and "immune" to the arcane and primitive issues like weather and, well, wolves. A good primer on what to do if you are bleeding out after the unexpected auto crash, and help will be way too late.  Mike Glover Actual: How To Apply A Tourniquet A good tool kit to have on board... just in case. Fieldcraft Survival Trauma Kit

ASCVD: My Personal Case

Atherosclerotic Cardiovascular Disease. A mouthful. The following is from a journal entry - Sunday, December 26, 2021. Email this morning from Peter Attia. Opened and clicked a generic “Nutrition” link. One article was entitled “Ketogenic Diets: Not For Everyone?” and started reading. As suspected. In many people the lipids blow up. So I did more homework. Searched Promethease and discovered the culprit in my SNPs. Note the images (markup mine): From Peter Attia, M.D.: So this is the major concern. ApoB is atherogenic; the tiny particle can lodge in the artery, trigger an immune response, and incite inflammation and macrophage activity, resulting in plaque. This is apparently why I did not have a clean calcium score. From Peter Attia, M.D.: Note the subject circled: Male, 52 years. Close to me in age. What’s up with TG on low fat? My guess is other variables. From my genetic data, parsed with Promethease: The culprit: rs693(T:T) single nucleotide polymorphism. Key is that it increases


Starting is the hardest thing you'll ever do.  It's also the easiest. HOLD THE LINE The real fight will be psychological.  You will try to talk yourself into running 13.1 miles after work - when you are injured. Or lie in bed and not work out - when you are ready to work out. You will be tempted to stop for beer at the pub. Even though you don't need it. You will feel the pressure to tell yourself that you only live once, and that you really were doing fine the way things were. LIES Remember what is at stake. Keep your eye on the prize. And then hold the line. NEEDS FOR EVERY HUMAN Sufficient muscle mass Sufficient cardiovascular fitness More muscle and cardiovascular fitness means better insulin sensitivity, greater ability to train, more strength potential, better overall metabolic health. And a longer, better life. Set personal goals to build and maintain both. SOME PRINCIPLES SIMPLE Whatever it is, keep it as simple as possible. One last thing to muck up the gears. And