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So it may be time to go public. Not everything, of course. Not that I have anything to hide - anything that will not somehow be learned of me after I die. Do I make it public now or do I wait? There is a tale I once heard of a famous scientist (I'm too lazy at the moment to look it up) who waited until his death to reveal a view of the world and the universe (Galileo? Copernicus?) that contradicted The Church and Holy See. No doubt to save his hide in the present. Hawthorne wrote of being found out in the here and now, and it did not fare well for the two ill favored lovers. So that is usually the way of it. Nowadays we don't have much to worry about in that regard. Especially if we are social hounds and can't help ourselves, divulging everything and all to the entire world with no shame. But even without the ubiquitous media storm, there is always the indelibility of digital records. Do it once digitally and it is eternal. Not that it's not already so. But now we have