What a curious title, eh?

Are any of your favorite foods written about with descriptives like, "...toxic XXXX syndrome"? Like, "Toxic Beef Liver Syndrome" or "Toxic Venison Steak Syndrome"?

This was not a deep dive by any means. A cursory look into the Google and Duck Duck Go repositories yielded results to the point of milk-out-the-nose hilarity (to me) when the basic line of questioning went like this: does this food contain toxins?

And I don't mean pesticides or herbicides. It's just a matter of what is endogenous to the plant. Like our beloved avocado, which contains natural toxins that can muck up the mammary glands of animals that eat them — leaf, stem, and fruit.

I know this is a nearly religious topic for many. I get it. We love our food.

But in the end, we have to face the science — the broad, full, complete knowledge of what we are (biologically) and what we need to operate as best as possible. Alice In Wonderland -ish dreamy ideas about diet aside.


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