Good morning world!

This is my first blog post. I've made feeble attempts at blogging before, and maybe this is another. I'd like to think not. I'm too old to keep starting over!

Needless to say, this is a work in progress. I'm hoping there will be some rhyme and reason to this project over time, with some form and function. For now it's baby steps. 

Currently in my life: a torn (partially I think) right soleus calf muscle from overtraining. I'm a runner, and the injury occurred yesterday morning. Fun. Presently laid up in bed with ice on the leg. I will continue to post more on this.

So why not just use Facebook? Everyone else does. I wanted something more personal. Facebook is fine, and I have an account. But I wanted to fool around with something else, and experiment with it. My goal is to have this be my personal space on the web, as a website but better as a blog - so that there can be commenting and collaboration. 

Now off to the races. The challenge that faces every person on any social media? Consistent posting of content. Let's see how I do!



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