Very inexpensive metabolically to have or use

Very efficient

Your body wants to use this for everything

Costs very little

For long time activities

Aerobic movement

Not helpful for being stronger


  1. TYPE 2 A

  • Burns glycogen. Expensive. Maybe 80% of exertion.

  1. TYPE 2 B

    • Pushing the car up the incline. Body grudgingly dips into 2 B fibers. Body not happy. 90% of maximum effort. Ripping through the glycogen. Maybe 5 min maximum.

  2. TYPE 2 X

    • Now someone applies the parking brake. Now 100% exertion. Extremely metabolically expensive. Burn up all the glycogen in a couple of minutes.

  • Absolute failure. Maximum muscle failure. Until you collapse on the ground.

  • Signal sent to the body: YOU ARE NOT STRONG ENOUGH.

  • Totally inadequate: major signal - we almost died. This cannot happen again. Build more Type 2 X muscle fiber.

  • Major hormonal flood. Building muscle. Major stress response, so that next time you'll be ready.

  • Over the next several days your body will put down more Type 2 X fibers.

  • Very metabolically expensive. Burning several hundred calories even in your sleep.

  • Flushes out the glucose. Powerful stuff.

  • The only way to improve your body with exercise is to hit maximum failure.

  • To burn a pound of fat, the average person will have to run 30 miles.

  • Traditional jogging or walking exercise doesn't stress the body enough.

  • It only takes about 1 minute of maximum effort to send the message that the current muscles are inadequate.

  • You can exercise your whole body with a few simple bodyweight exercises.

  • Pushup. Horizontal movement. Ultra slow - 10 seconds up, 10 seconds down. Not a matter of reps. Make the pushup as slow as possible.

  • Perfect form. Very slow. Until you feel like you an literally do no more pushups. Then a gun is put to your head. Hold it at the hardest point for ten seconds.

  • A good thirty to sixty seconds of muscle failure, and the signals are sent.

  • Very brutal, extremely short, very powerful.

  • Brief sprint - 4 minutes - superior to jogging at a moderate pace for an hour.

  • High intense sprint for 5 minutes, then max effort to failure resistance exercises.

  • Push, pull, compound leg.

  • Hitting failure in maybe 1-2 minutes.

  • Elite ultramarathoner. Like a walking skeleton. Their body as reabsorbed all the type 2 muscle fibers.

  • Usually metabolicallly unhealthy. Too much abdominal fat.

  • Sprinters or power lifters are super jacked. Much healthier metabolically. Look better.

  • Secret to exercise: always to trade intensity for duration.

  • Always hit failure.

  • Doesn't take long.

  • Two times a week for most people. 2-3 times a week.

  • No more than 15 minutes push-pull-squat.